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I have worked with bloggers, small business

owners, and large companies to help facilitate the implementation of cohesive branding and identity throughout all logos, graphics, and social media.

United Airlines

Working in social media and content marketing for United, I was able to implement various brand guidelines through creative design work across all social platforms and United's blog to ensure continuity of corporate voice and brand identity.

Bon Aprontit

I worked in collaboration with a small business owner to help launch her business, a luxury apron line.  I provided feedback on brand name, social handles and identity, and overall brand strategy.  We went through a few phases and ended up with a final company name of Bon Aprontit with a corresponding blog entitled Blog Appetit.  I designed all logos, packaging (box, stickers, thank you note), business cards, etc. A few years later, we updated the logo and brand design to reflect the owner's growth and more modern trends in design.

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